Source menu and stacks not showing in Windows

Hi all,
I know - this is not a nowadays scenario - talking about Windows Vista and Explorer 10… where a site built with (the excellent) Source from @habitualshaker and the Vegas Stack for the header and Jet for animating a button/cta (both from Doobox) just don’t appear(=white space).
The irony is that the client himself is using this very outdated constellation.
Can somebody check what is happening? I could (and did) use the built in browser warning (possible to enable in Source) but then the site does not work at all… so I removed it.
Any workarounds or other tricks?
Site is
Thanks a lot !

Hi @capetom -

I’m afraid IE is not a supported browser. Certain elements in Source will not display as they should (grids) and the Nav stack won’t display at all - as it uses ES6 javascript. I presume your header section uses javascript and therefore maybe gets broken because of the Nav not working. If you have a different Nav stack you could possibly try that and see if it helps.

The browser warning should work just fine though - not sure what might be going on there.

More information (and rationale) on all of this can be found over here:

Thank you Stuart for explaining. Wasn‘t aware that IE is not supported. Will check alternatives especially with the navigation. Still like the possibilities with the Grid and Grid Plus though.

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