Specific type of effect. Diagram separates. How to achieve this? Parallax maybe?

Here is something for stacks/ foundation

I came across this site in my travels that has a diagram that opens up and this looked pretty neat for low tech yet responsive and effective coding vs some of the cad/cgi looking animated things out there. I was thinking this could be accomplished with a parallax background. I figured this kind of effect could come in handle for blow apart diagrams.
The site is a vaporizer site. the pax vaporizer. I better not get listed for spam because I post a link to this* This is for demonstration purposes only:

scroll down to the portion where the device separates into pieces The mouth tip opens upon scroll. It reminds me of parallax in a way.
This seems to be some sort of setting with the separation happening at a certain number of pixels. Not sure how to achieve something like this but it would be cool. You could make anything pop apart with a stack like this.

Any thoughts?

The background parallax effects can be done with my Parallax stack. The animation of the device could possible be done with ScrollMate from BWD. I have seen some crazy stuff done with ScrollMate.

thank you for the tip