"spider" or "pin" not working with "screens" in "foundation"

i´m building a site in foundation, and just included the screen stack (from workman).
after this, the spider (workman) and pin (big white duck) stack are not working anymore.
(i´m using the pin stack, but tried spider also… they are doing basically the same…)

so, spider and pin do not work in “screens”… anyone experienced something different or have any tips?


Pin works just fine with Screens so long as you place the pin stack outside the Screens stack and set it to fixed.

Obviously the sticky function will not work as with Screens the page is not actually scrolling so there is no point at which anything will stick. Think of the vertical motion of the Screens pages at a 100% high vertical slider and it may help - i.e. the page itself never scrolls, just the content of the Screens stack.

hm, but when i have a lot of content its actually scrolling… look here:

I’m afraid it is not really scrolling the page as you think. Screens is just allowing the content to scroll continuously within it rather than snap scrolling. The actual scroll position of the page is not moving and hence sticky stacks will still not work.

If you don’t want to use the snap scroll feature but just want banded colored sections then you probably would be better off not using Screens in the first place. You could simply use colored 1col stacks as the container for each section or use SectionsPro and MagicGellan if you still wanted the navigation dots feature.