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Happy New Year and all that good stuff!

I am looking for a method of creating a single full screen image to place on my website as the only page - showing that we’re under construction - I am not sure if I need to be looking for a theme or if I need to be looking for a stack or a plugin.

I’ve attached an example of what it is i’m trying to create.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.



Hi Ed, there is Will Woodgates Freestyle Stack which give you the option of a Splash page.
see here:- https://stacks4stacks.com/freestyle/

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Freestyle should work, you will need a theme for any RW project.
Since you don’t need any formatting or navagation might want to checkout @willwood blank theme:


in addition to freestyle he also has bannerstack:


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Thanks guys!

Appreciate the feedback - I have a version of freestyle so I think that’ll be the obvious choice.

thanks again!


@teefers - I have blank theme and freestyle from @willwood - no matter what settings I try, the image does not fill the window. - See screen shot.

Am I missing something?

I’m not at my Mac now but it looks like Wills blank theme must have a maximum width on it.
I think Joe Workman has a blank theme you could try.

You could also use the foundation theme, the theme is free and is blank as well.
Just looking for something that doesn’t have navigation or formatting.

A few things to check…

How big is the image itself? It has to be large enough, so check your resolution.
And, did you put it in an EC container? and check your style settings for options for the blank theme. I’m not familiar with the Blank theme, but I use Will’s Volcano Theme.

Hi @LSPhoto right now I have the image set at 2900 × 1930 px as I wanted to fill the entire browser.

I did NOT put it in an EC container - is that necessary for freestyle? - I have Wills Volcano theme too - I can try it in that and see if that helps - I tried it in Flood too but was just as unsuccessful.

Appreciate the response. thx

@teefers Thanks Doug, - I can try the foundation theme, but If I am to guess It’s probably something I’m screwing up with using freestyle. - appreciate the feedback thank you!

Check your breakpoint settings, or post a screenshot from RW? and, again, how large is your file? It’s got to be at least 1500px wide… larger if you want people with larger screens to see.

And check your theme style settings and see if something is limiting you.

and tag @willwood for the best support :slight_smile:

Simply set the theme width to Variable (0px horizontal margin) and you will find all width constraints are removed. An image will stretch to the full width of the screen.

Should be the same in most of my themes, including Flood and Volcano.

If using Stacks to place an image, don’t forget that by default Stacks 3 will set a maximum width and height of 1200px for images dropped in. To remove this, simply put the image into edit mode and uncheck the constrain settings.

If you need more flexibility for the positioning of fullscreen images (like if you want to have an image cover the entire background with no whitespace showing) then try addons like the RWExtras Background Stretcher or Full Screen Slider stacks and the ThemeFlood Photogenic or Splash themes. All are ideal for the creation of simple splash / landing pages.


Thanks @willwood - that fixed the issue for me - However I also went and purchased the Splash theme as I’d like to create something similar to the image in the beginning of this thread. - Am hoping to achieve that with Splash.

Appreciate the detailed response - thank you!