Split Theme Yuzool Customisation

Split Theme Youzool someone to tell me how can I delete the horizontal menu bar at the top of the site and earn an inch for the whole main screen or make that bundle transparent to have an extra centimeter available for the whole main screen of the theme?

It requires some CSS tweaking as that Navigation is part of the theme.

You can get something like this:

Try something like this in the Custom CSS Page Inspector:

 #intro {top: 0px!important;}
 .header {display: none;}
@media only screen and (min-width: 1170px){.content {
margin-top: 500px;

Ciao, geniale Michael, ho risolto, grazie alla tua mente…era proprio ciò che desideravo…

Si grazie Michael, il banner del menù grazie al tuo script è andato via, come desideravo, tuttavia guardando meglio quel centimetro di cui ti parlavo se lo mangia lo stesso ma in basso tutte le immagini che inserisco sono mozzate appunto quanto la grandezza del banner.

Yes, thanks Michael, the banner of the menu thanks to your script went away, as I wanted, but looking better at that centimeter I was talking about if you eat it all the same but below all the images I insert are cut off just as much as the size of the banner.
Michael, I'm sorry, thank you so much for the quick and precise answer, I really need your help.
So for what regards the Navigation Stack I wanted to tell you that with Iphone 5s and Ipad Air1 the initial image that immediately appears has the ok menu but the whole image of the mountain is enormously enlarged and the image of the fisherman, in short, the fisherman's hat does not exist.
This means precisely that the Stack is not responsive, or squeezes the image on my Ipad from the right and left that Hiphone cannot maintain the correct proportions, in fact if I connect with Android it is fully functional.

This seems like a double posting of in here?

Can you share your URL to test?

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