SSL problems with logon to FTP server

(Peter Charles) #1

My hosting service has upgraded his ftp server to ssl and I’ve gone through all the permutations under FTPS and SFTP. Any other possibilities?

(Peter Charles) #2

Forgot to mention - I’m getting a timeout on each logon attempt, with each permutation.

(Peter Charles) #3

OK, we found the problem - certificates.

(Brad Halstead) #4


Thanks Peter for the update, can you provide more explanation of the resolution for the forum without giving away your certificate info, such as hosting company, plan level, setting that had to be made in RW…

This type of information makes it easy for us to point other users to a more realistic solution should they post the same sort of issue.


(Peter Charles) #5

Not a lot for me to tell as most of the interesting details were at the hosting end of things. I had to change ftp server names in RW publishing settings, to one that did not have a certificate issue. The hosting service was working their way through the change to FTPS, as it seems that some clients were unaffected by the change. I was one of the unlucky ones. They advised me of the new server name to use, which solved the problem. My publishing settings were changed to FTPS, passive mode, with new server name and it was off to the races . . .

(Brad Halstead) #6


Thanks Peter!