Can no longer publish now that I am using SSL

I just added SSL to a site I have been building with RW 6.3.7. I am using @joeworkman Foundation theme and all of the plugins I use are up to date.

I made a few small changes to the site this morning with no problem. This afternoon, I added an SSL certificate to my website at I have been unable to publish since adding the SSL certificate. Since I host at Chillidog Hosting, I contacted @barchard for help. He had me change the protocol from FTP to SFTP, the server from to, and lower the number of consecutive connections that RW can make to 2.

After doing all of this, I still get an error message when trying to publish. Greg suggested that his may be a RW bug and told me to contact you.

Please help. Thanks.

Lastly, I sent an email to over 24 hours ago and have heard nothing back. What’s up with that?
I’m dying here since I was trying to update the site for a Valentine’s Day contest starting February 1st.

Does the folder that you are trying to publish to actually exist?

Yes, it does. I just pulled it up in my FTP app to be sure.

First thing you could to is publish the site to disk (“export” in menu), and use a (s)ftp program like Cyberduck (free) to move it to your provider. This way you circumvent the publishing-engine from Rapidweaver and have a workaround if you don’t want to rollback your SSL implementation.

This worked @EricW.
Don’t you just hate it when someone like @EricW suggests something that you know your should have thought of? But seriously, thank you.

Still no word from the normally responsive and helpful folks over at Realmac. Maybe @dan and @ben are on holiday.

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@firedude2894 Just replied to your message now. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!


Honestly, I have never received such a slow response to a RW issue. I hope you are all doing ok. What’s going on?
I feel like the kid in school who forgot to put deodorant on. :flushed:

Hi Brad

For the more advanced issues, they get referred to me. I’m working through my assignments at the moment (alongside everything else ;)). Sorry for the delay, will be in touch ASAP!

For anyone reading this post and wondering about the outcome:
Removing the slash “/” in the beginning of the path name (see first screenshot) did the trick. Apparently, some servers already add “/” to the path name which results in RW looking for a path that starts with two slashes.
Thanks Nik.

My pleasure! Sorry for the delay in getting this sorted.