Stack Clutter in RW 7

I am finding that RW7 latest few updates now has lots of extras showing up in my main stack menu area. This includes stack add ons I took out (Jack from Joe Workman) and now images that I use on a page, but then discard after event is over. My only solution thus far is to add more items into my favorite category and use that as my main source of stacks. Any way of getting rid of these extras? Right clicking shows Uninstall greyed out.


Go into the stack preferences and turn off images inside the stacks library.

Thanks for your response. However, I am not finding where Stack Preferences are. This is the Preferences I see in RW 7. Sorry for my ignorance.

Select a stack, on the inspector pain lower right side you will see Prefs.

I too was wondering how to do this.

I’ve attached an image that shows how to get to the stack preferences.
Take note of the red boxes.


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Thank you very much. Tricky little devil. Like trying to find the chipmunk in my garden.