Stack doesn't appear under New Plugins

Just downloaded Gateway stack for RW7. It shows up in the “Manage Addons” section but in the section “add a new page, manage all plugins” no stacks appear. What is going on?

Stacks is a 3rd party plugin by the amazing @isaiah. You can get a copy at

The webpage you posted doesn’t work…

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@dcmom I have already replied to the same email you sent me at 3am this morning.

Generally it is not a good idea to repeat the same question over multiple support channels. It is not necessarily true that the louder you shout, the faster you get a response! So in future, please ask the question(s) once and await patiently for a reply.

As I’ve said already in our earlier email communication, Gateway installs and functions identically to the free demo version you have the opportunity to use beforehand. And it works very much the same as any other free or paid stack elements you have installed previously.

Stacks 3 is available to purchase here from Yourhead Software: Stacks 5 Plug-In

As a general rule of thumb, anything you see marketed as a stack requires the Stacks plugin.

Generally most stacks install and function in much the same way. They are small elements of style or functionality you drag and drop into your page from the Stacks Library.

You hinted in your email that you already had the Stacks plugin. But you did not necessarily say what version. As of October 2018 Gateway needs Stacks 3.5 or above. If you are using any version of Stacks 3.x already, then your update to the newest version should be free. Download Stacks from the Yourhead Software website using the link above.

Gateway is not a page type and you cannot add any stacks to a page directly from your ‘manage addons’ window. Use this stack in the normal way it was designed for; by adding a Stacks page to your website first and then dragging an instance of it into your page from the Stacks Library. Please look at my picture again (click it to make it bigger if you need to):

If you need further help with using Stacks, please reply to this thread. Then we can close the email discussion and keep everything focused on here instead.


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