Plugins not appearing in Collections

(Shaun Forward) #1

My first RW6 project. The Stack plugins I add to Collections, or Favourites or a new folder - do not appear in those folders. I can’t get to add any stacks to my page. Am I missing something here? I’ve watched the screencast and I’m following what’s done there. But no joy.
The standard page type plugins do appear, but NOT anything like FreeStyle2 or Scroll or Post Office etc.

(Brad Halstead) #2

@shaunspirit, open inspector when Stacks is open, choose Preferences, what does yours show as checked, here is min and works great.


(Shaun Forward) #3

Sorry Brad, I’m having a ‘blonde’ moment! Not sure what you mean by ‘when stacks is open’

(Brad Halstead) #4


You did purchase Stacks 3.0.3 from YourHead software correct (Required to manage your third party stacks)?

So, open the Stacks Library, select a stack (not a project page), then open the inspector (if it is closed), in the lower right of the inspector pane you will see a Prefs button, click it and go into Stacks Preferences.

Does that clarify?

(Shaun Forward) #5

Thanks Brad. Yes, I did buy Stacks 3. But I’m still not getting it. Sorry to be so dense!! I don’t even know what you mean by ‘Stacks library’. Do I click the ‘+ add’ button in top left to get the pane of add ons to appear?

(Brad Halstead) #6

@shaunspirit, can you upload a screenshot (jpg or png) so I can see what you’re referring to? I may be not understanding your question and you may be referring to RapidWeaver Favourites not Stacks…

To add stacks to your page, the page type needs to be a Stacks page type, you then drag the desired stack onto the page from the Stacks library (Stacks is the manager, stacks are the plugins for Stacks), confusing I know…


(Shaun Forward) #7

Hi Brad. Oh, yes I understand that.
Screen shot attached - my favourites and Other Stacks folder are empty - even though I have added some stacks to them.

(Brad Halstead) #8


Ahhh yes, I suspected as much… these particular Favourites Folders are for PLUGINS only like RapidCart, PageLoom, DateLoom, etc, they are not for stacks.


(Shaun Forward) #9

So how do di get to add FreeStyle2 or Post Office onto a Stacks page?

(Brad Halstead) #10

@shaunspirit… YOU found a BUG in RapidWeaver 6.3.7! Congratulations!

Post Office by Joe Workman is a stack… add a Stack page to your project Click the PLUS button (Top left of RW), open the Stacks Library (the button is called Library), scroll to the desired stack and drag it onto the page.

@nikf - BUG REPORT, items added to collections (Using Manage Addons) do not display in RW6.3.7, see screenshot above. The folders do but the contents of said folders is empty.


(Shaun Forward) #11

That’s a bout the size of it. I thought it was ME!
I do hope there can be a quick fix, as I am right up against it on getting this Project done.

Can I ask another one? I also need to know if ExtraContent containers can be added to Blocks pages? as half the pages in the project Blocks.

(Brad Halstead) #12


I don’t have the Blocks plugins so can’t say one way or the other but I don’t see why not when the EC can be added to a Foundations page. The EC is JUST a container with a unique ID for referencing with other stacks I believe. Now, Dev’s use the EC to reposition content like some Themes will reposition sidebar content to say footer area or nav menu and they use EC (sometimes) to do it.


(Shaun Forward) #13

Ok, thanks for your help Brad. I can;t see in Blocks there’s anyplace to specify the EC - unlike in the Stackc HUD. However, I have now got a support ticket out with YourHead on this. I’ll be keeping a close eye on @nikf response to resolving my plugin/addons/stacks problem Thanks for your help.

(Brad Halstead) #14


Downloaded the demo of Blocks by YourHead, Blocks is kind of like Stacks, it is a unique page type and it has it’s own library, so there may be a third party dev out there that made a BlocksEC, but you can do a google search for that. Other than that, I don’t see how EC and Blocks can play nice together…

As far as the bug getting fixed, it won’t be right away as it is not mission critical. Everything in your Favourites/folders can be viewed from the main area so it likely won’t be a high priority emergency patch type thing.


(Brad Halstead) #15


Have a view here to learn more about page types being inserted into a Blocks page.


(Shaun Forward) #16

I understand Bradd - but is mission-critical to me. I am rebuilding a 100+ page site (because Symnivo won’t work in it now and there is no support) so I’m struggling through upgrading from RW5 and Stacks 2 into RW6 and Stacks 3 so I can even make the site operational with any form or slider that is going to be half-useful. It’s costing me weeks of man-hours and I am behind schedule, the client is not happy, and I haven;t even managed to get an operational framework in place yet - let alone start re-adding all the slide shows. It looks as if I may well have to rebuild all the Block pages as Stacks pages so I can add the header images as well. (Or, I can revert ti the RW5 version I have rekindled from the ashes and spend not quite so much time in completing a non-future-proof site).
Sorry, not intending to rant, just stressing my situation and hope that I can gain some support action to achieve my mission. Your help in the past few days has been much appreciated. :slight_smile: If Nik @nikf can possibly take a look and fix or advise how I can add stacks it would be brilliant!

(Brad Halstead) #17


I understand your dilemma!

Personally, I don’t think Blocks is the answer here, I would rebuild using Stacks pages, perhaps even Foundations by Joe Workman (Has a Theme, plenty of video tutorials, 3 stack packs specifically for Foundations) that will allow you to completely rebuild your site with total (well almost) control of all content. Other dev’s are more and more supportive of the Foundation Theme and making stacks work with Foundations and Total CMS. Joe also has sliders but almost any slider works with Foundations. The only limitation, which Joe will update later this year, is email verification for forms (comparing one email address to another prior to sending), but you can use a different plugin or stacks for that.

Blocks is more for the creative kind that want to do everything in layers with almost no coding required as far as I can tell, this is problematic for future proofing imho.

You can Create custom folders inside Stacks 3 and add your favourite stacks there and they display fine, which may be a solution for when you’re using stacks. Does not apply to Themes or Plugins though, but stacks are your priority anyway and adding plugins is as simple as clicking the plus button to add a page type (plugin).

Just throwing ideas out there for you as I don’t think that Blocks will fill your needs as sad as that sounds :frowning: Just trying to be as supportive as I am able.

Best of Luck, breath, think, breath again and tackle… :wink:

Brad :+1:

(Shaun Forward) #18

Thanks again @Turtle, appreciate your advice and support. I’ll digest what you say about how I might be able to add stacks to my current build and see how I get on. I hope this is a way forward.
NB: One thing I omitted to say, is that I am having toy rebuild all of his at my own cost - as it not my client’s problem that I am having toy strip it all down and rebuild (owing initially to the Symnivo debacle and then the incompatibilities of RW5 stacks/plugins/addons and RW6 and supported stacks/plugins/addons). So, as much as abandoning Blocks might be the best way forward for this project it’s not the best for my pocket or timescale.

(Nik Fletcher) #19

Thanks for the report. It appears that the issue here is that, when a collection is created and contains non-plugins, it shouldn’t appear in the Add menu. The reason the menu doesn’t show is, I would guess, because there’s no plugins in that collection?

We’ll take a look to correct that.

(Brad Halstead) #20

@nikf, correct, see screenshots below… Themes works as it should, add page does work but includes not page type (plugin) folders.