Stack for a poem - Return at end of every line

I’ve tried Foundation Paragraph and Paragraph Pro for entering a poem with carriage return at end of every line.
They don’t work.
Any suggestions please


This stack might help

Many thanks r.
I’ll give this one a try through to-day and report back.

Often overlooked, are the text formatting option that come with every text stack by default. When text is selected you have a new set of options to the right →

Sorry, it seems that I might have misled you all.
It’s not the line spacing that’s the problem but the returns.

In Edit mode everything looks correct but when I switch to Preview it goes wrong and the line formatting is lost.
That is, the line breaks come up in the wrong places.
Can’t help thinking that I’m missing something very simple here but cannot see it.
Any more suggestions please and can you tell me how to get a screen shot into a posting. Tried copy and paste but it doesn’t seem to work.

@Gordoni Do you by any chance have a Font Pro stack on the page with a Font Style set up with the spacing setting enabled?

If you have, ensure that you have the break spacing set to a value other than 0. At the moment the value is getting applied to everything on the page - which is getting fixed very shortly so I understand.

I thought you might have it there @tav.
I changed from 0.00em to 1.00em but no success.
The frustrating part about this is that I’ve entered two poems each with a return at the end of each line. One works correctly and the other does not. The only difference that I can find is that the one that works was originally copied and I have NOT set the Format property to Ignore Formatting.
I am also setting the alignment of the poems to Centered but I cannot see this affecting anything.
I repeat, I’ve tried this in both Foundation Paragraph and Paragraph Pro without success.
The formatting problem was revealed to me by @zeebe a few weeks ago.

If I select the text in edit mode it looks perfect but as soon as I deselect I lose the returns and it is continuous text.

@tav - Another teaser. I have two poems set up on adjacent pages with the same Font Pro settings on each. (The font stack is a Partial).
The site is for a writing group and most of the content is copied and pasted. I tried TYPING IN the content of a couple of verses and this worked on one page but not the other. Makes no sense to me at all.
I didn’t touch the Format option.

I did try adjusting your Font Style setting but it didn’t seem to make any difference and PLEASE I’m not trying to prove you wrong.

Any ideas please?

@Gordoni OK the first thing to try is to cut the text (cmd-x) and then re-paste it as plain text (cmd-alt-v) - or both of those via the edit menu.

Also, try it without a Font-Style stack on the page at all.

If that yields no changes then it would seem that something it changing the break spacing via CSS. The only way to tell would be via a url. Could you therefore post a test page if the above steps are fruitless.

@tav. Your Cut and Paste appear to be working (cmd-x) and (cmd-alt-v). Does this mean that every paragraph (verse) I enter needs this process or is there a way of entering it just once?

All this with Font Pro active.

Feeling a bit happier now.
Will get back to you to-morrow when I’ve had a good play. Time to eat now!

Many thanks

@Gordoni You just need to do the paste side of it whenever you paste ANYTHING into RW. - i.e don’t past it in normally first and then have to take remedial action.

Always using PASTE AS PLAIN TEXT will ensure that you are not bringing in any hidden character formatting from other apps that will break the browsers interpretation of the HTML on your page.

Glad it seems to be working now finally.


@tav Finished this part of current project and all worked out OK. Things like this just don’t appear in any training videos so shows the value of this forum. Many thanks for your help tav. I can move on now.
I wouldn’t normally use a return in a paragraph so never had to look it up before.

Kindest regards to all

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Hi there, I might be a bit late with this but you can always add a html line break to force a return in your text… :slight_smile: see this for more: and also it helps you paste your text in as “Plain text” to get ride of any formatting you don’t want.

Hi Steve

My HTML / CSS knowledge is limited but I can cope with your suggestion.

As it happens, I completed the original project using @tav’s reasoning of “cmd-C and cmd-alt-V” for copy and paste.

Prior to using Font Pro I was not aware of the formatting problems that can arise with copy and paste.

Your suggestion is, never the less, appreciated. I’m sure I’ll have a use for it in the future as the site concerned houses a number of poems and will continue to do so ongoing.

Many thanks and kind regards,