Stack for comments (self-contained)?

I know, I am investigating what is possible, on my todo list. But not simple to accomplish.

I thought it might be tricky. It seems Blab has closed down. All I know is if I use the Blab plugin with Sitelok then it opens up some options for me: but even then I know I’m not using Blab per se. It’s simply a way to add custom images to avatars for the Disqus plugin with Sitelok. (I know this sounds strange, but that is the purpose it serves.)

I know this topic is a bit overdone, but my favored two features missing in Poster are comments and RSS feed generating. Otherwise, it may be a perfect stack.


One step closer to perfection! Thanks, Jannis. :grin:


Did you find a solution for your goal, Rob? I’m looking for the same.
Sitelok-Backsnap working together seems a right formula, but I am not sure how to trigger Sitelok’s login/registration form with Backsnap’s “add comment” button (I mean the button is a piece of the stack itself, not a section of a page).
Yes I need just customers to be able to leave comments, but everybody can see those. Yabdab stack would be perfect with this feature.

No, Pablo, I haven’t. I don’t use Sitelok, either. But I have high hopes for Poster stack. I think it’s worth waiting for Jannis to add this functionality to Poster.


Thanks Rob.
Anyone has match Backsnap with Sitelok or Privateyes?

Is it possible to insert a picture in a message in Backsnap? If so, how?

And anybody know, will there be an update for this stack?

Hi @Wondrous Please look at my post Asking for BackSnap information

Any information would be appreciated

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