Stack - Input information live output

I am looking for a stack or some way to build a site that will have two text fields which will either be able to live update a query or be able to hit submit and then will output a query with the text entered.

Example is outputting a script or command based on the text provided.

is there anything out there that would be able to do this?


Hi @Blockheads88,

So, if I understand your question correctly, you’re looking for a way to have visitors search a database? As in: enter a query and see the result?

If so, what do you mean by “live updating the query”?

There are a few stacks that can search a database. The two best ones are Datably ($39, Navigio) and Feeds ($60, Weaver’s Space). The latter requires the additional purchase of the DB Pack ($50, Weaver’s Space) to interface with databases.


I may have said the wrong thing…

I have a bunch of scripts, example:

Add-MailboxPermission -identity “Managingdirector” -user “personalassistant” -AccessRights

Where I want to have to two text boxes to enter in the Managingdirector and personalassistant then I can hit enter and it would show what I filled in to replace the parts

either the command can be there already and update when I enter or be hidden then when hit enter show the command with the data I entered in the boxes.

Hi @Blockheads88,

That looks like Microsoft Exchange over AzureAD/Entra, which won’t work using a website I’m afraid. Of course you can use an IAM connector access AD/AzureAD (Entra) and update it, but this is far beyond the use case of RapidWeaver I’m afraid. I’ve built similar solutions, but always using a middleware connector in between (SAP Fiori > CPI > AD/AzureAD for example). SAP Fiori takes the role that you see RapidWeaver taking in this example.

My advise: don’t. Don’t rely on a website to kick off a script that modifies your AD/AzureAD ever. Not even if you’re limiting access to the site to machines hooked up to your own domain server. It’s a risk, and a recipe for disaster.

Instead, have a programmer build you an app. This can be an app that you can integrate on a website if you need, that’s no problem. Just make sure that it’s really well shielded off from the outside world to prevent security breaches or data leaks.

This app should take care not to fire off the script more than once, and actively monitor the script’s progress. To be clear: this had nothing to do with a database at this point - we’re just talking scripting here.

Both AD and AzureAD/Entra offer ways to see certain aspects of an identity (like certain parameters, what groups they are a member of etc.) but this is usually done using PowerShell or PowerBI integration. either that, or through a connector to your favourite identity manager suite (OKTA, Sailpoint IdentityNOW, Savyent etc.). I don’t think Microsoft offers a REST API for this.

Hire a good programmer with knowledge of ActiveDirectory and AzureAD/Entra. What you’re trying to do is not only difficult, it’s also a risk to your data and data integrity.


If you simply want to present code or text on a website that can be customised to include wording that a user types into text inputs, then that is easy to do using JavaScript and something called template literals.

Essentially you setup template like this:

Add-MailboxPermission -identity “${director}” -user “${assistant}” -AccessRights

When the website user enters something in the two inputs or hits a submit button, you can get JavaScript to replace the contents of the braces with what the user has entered. The resulting content is printed out onto the page. This can be made to work in most RW page types or an HTML stack.

This is easy for one of us with JavaScript ES6 knowledge to get working for you. The concept can be expanded further if you need to validate or change what a user enters (like converting words to lowercase or removing spaces). Or do things like storing the values between sessions. I get hired to do this sort of thing all the time.

Ah… you’re right @willwood - I misread @Blockheads88 's question completely!

He doesn’t want his website to interface with AD or AzureAD/Entra - he just wants a way to easily get command strings that he can then copy/paste…

Sorry @Blockheads88 's - interpretation error on my side!



Correct not trying to run anything from a site.
I am just trying to easily create a site with Command that have variables that I can have someone go to put in the variable and it would should the full command.

Was hoping that there would be some quick Stack I would be able to leverage for this… Since I will be adding multiple commands and things change and want it to be easily to update and add.

What you seek is quite specialist. I cannot think of any stacks available on the market today that can do what you want. It’s a rather niche requirement.

There’s a chance somebody else might be able to chime-in on this discussion with a suggestion of something else that could be suitable.

If you prefer not working with code / markup, I think the only option remaining would be for you to commission the development of a custom stack, that does exactly what you want.

Like you say, as a stack, it becomes easier to update and add. But I don’t know of anything like it already.