Stack settings and preview bug in RW?

I noticed sometime whenever I make some adjustment to the stack or stack settings. The adjustment doesn’t reflect the changes in preview and I keep thinking I did something wrong on my end.

One example was Joe Workman Target stack, I wanted to center a text next to the image. I set the Target stack to center the text next to the image but the preview show text still at the top of the cell. No matter what adjustment I made in Target stack or the placement of the Target stack, the text will still stay at the top of the cell until I save the project and open it again then the text would be centered where I wanted it to be.

I discovered this by accident since I was getting late and I was frustrated so I saved my project and left the desk for awhile to take a break. When I came back and open the project, it would be aligned they way I wanted it to be.

Target stack is not the only stack i discovered this bug. I am also discovering this bug in SectionBox stack and some other stacks but I cannot remember it all. I just now know whenever I change something in the stack and it didn’t effect my web page layout that I needed to save it and re-open the project again.

However I would like to add that if I preview it in browser (Command-P) then it will show the actual changes I made to the stack but it still would not update the RW editor or preview until I restart the project.


If you can make this repeatable, that would be great if you could pass the steps (with sample project file) along. I would be happy to look at it. I am sure that @Isaiah would as well.

In most cases like this there is something in edit-mode that is very slow… there are a number of things that can slow down edit-mode:

  • loading remote images (displaying warehoused images)
  • loading many large images
  • a page with a vast number of stacks
  • a small number of very complex stacks
  • slow hardware

When things get slow enough some changes may slip through and not be rendered correctly in edit mode. They are still saved to the document and will preview, export, and publish correctly.

If you page seems slow – addressing some of the items above may help.

  • hide/move/remove remote-images
  • break down complex pages into chunks – group the chunks using partials – edit each chunk on a page by itself.

If the problem does not seem related to speed – but something else entirely – then please share the file (along with a zipped copy of your entire addons folder) with our support folks and we can take a look at it. Please make sure to let us know specifically what page and what settings are most likely to make the error occur so that we can see exactly what you’re seeing.

I went to see if I can reproduce it every time and it like 1 out 20 attempts that it would do this.

It doesn’t bother me anymore because now I know if I add or change something in a stack and it didn’t show the change in RW preview then to use the hotkey to open the browser preview or a cycle save and reopen the project.

Beside after discovering the hotkey for browser preview, I like it more than RW preview.

I only been using RW and stacks for about a month now and I am still learning and discovering new stuff about RW… It a big change for me over the Foundation CLI since I don’t have to code anymore.

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