StackApps light boxes stopped working

I have a couple of pages that use the StackApps lightbox stack. The 2 pages have worked for a few years and just today I noticed the lightboxes open but don’t load the photos. Not sure what’s going on: (the 2 thumbnail photos)

Upgraded to RW 7 and the light boxes still aren’t working. Can anyone help? Either that or suggest another free alternative to do a lightbox?

UPDATE > I think I solved the problem anyhow. It appears that at some point the links to the large photos was broken. I tried redoing the link on a few and they now work.

Check out stacks4stacks

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Thanks for that one Doug! However, at work I’m still stuck on Stacks 2 so I can’t use it there.

UPDATE > I think I solved the problem anyway. Simply relinking the thumbnails to the large photos seems to have fixed it.