Stacks 3. Am I required to have it to run stacks add on or realmac produccts

I am just getting started with RW and hoping to speed the least amount of money as i figure out if we are a good fit.

IS it necessary for me to buy stacks 3 for me to utilize Theme floods and other really sweet themes that I want to add stacks?


If you want to use stacks(lower case) that add features to your site you need the Stacks plugin to use them.


This is opinion only but I would not even consider using RW without Stacks plugin and 3rd party stacks. And I’d start with Stacks from day one so you can use Stacks features like Partials across your site.


When I first dived into RW, I started with Stack and Joe’s Foundation stacks using blank theme. After 20+ websites later, I have over 60 stacks in my collections and I still use blank theme to create websites.

I have not used any of the themes that came with RW yet.

Likewise Bill… I use the blank theme from stacks4stacks for most everything now and I try to stick exclusively with Stacks pages.

Hey Bill, any reason you are not using the free Foundation theme that comes with the Foundation stacks? You will get more benefit using the Foundation theme over the Blank Theme. This is not a rip on the Blank Theme, but the stacks are made to work with the Foundation theme.

I am using Joe’s Foundation theme which is a blank theme right?

Nope, it is the Foundation theme. It is blank, meaning if you put it on a page, it will not show anything, but it is called the Foundation theme and not the Blank theme.

He does have a Blank theme also that came with the Global Content stacks too.

Ok sorry and thank you for correcting me. Then I am using a Foundation Theme not a blank theme. Heck, there nothing on it when I select that that theme so it my mind it’s blank ha!

Thanks scott for your resonse…and it seemed the case. @ Greg I agree with you and see Stacks 3 to bre an integral ;part of RWadn the great theme floods and al that goes with it. I was just hoping, in mhy broke-ness as a graduate student that there was another similar product (to Stacks 3- free) . Yeserday, when I posted the question I was hoping I was wrong but realiozed how mjuch Stacks in integral to RW.

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