Stacks 3 problem

hi i have just installed Stacks 3 and clicked a few of the new buttons, the result was that i got the new stacks sidebar floating however i cannot move it anymore and it is stuck over the Page List, how can i revert back to the default position.

Can you get to the options at the bottom of the floating Stacks window? If you can click on sidebar.

The control components of Stacks 3 are now much more flexible: they can be ‘tear-off’ like ‘windows’, ‘docked’, or attached etc. I suspect that you have changed the state of one or more of them. Don’t worry: the fix is easy :slight_smile: .

Thanks chaps @VictorStar the options werent available, @isaiah suggested the remedy by Click and L in the Layout Area
@MarkSealey yes Stacks 3 is far more flexible, however i cant reproduce my problem again, i have now found that selecting the “popover” option isnt very friendly as it always Pops Over the Layout Area and cannot be moved, i thought what good is that ?

I certainly have a lot of new stuff to learn :smile:


@timmytoad: not all windows modes will be useful to all people – which is exactly the point. we try hard to only include the best UI and the best workflow to do things in the interface…

… except when there is no the best.

In testing and prototyping we talked to many users. What I noticed was that users with large monitors have very very different needs than those with small ones. the best workflow for a big monitor very different from the best for a small monitor – this lead us to create a few window mode options.

I fully expect that at least one of the window modes will seem oddly useless to almost everyone – but I can assure you that there are thousands of users for whom that mode is, without question, the best.

It would be fun to have a forum thread where everyone posts a screenshot of their workflow. I’m betting there would be quite a bit of variation and some good debate about what the best workflow is. :wink:


@isaiah Thanks, you well and truly put me in my place :slight_smile:
And I asked for it as well LOL


sometimes i sound all serious and stuff. it’s just the filter of the keyboard.

just imagine i’m barefoot, sitting on my porch with laptop and a margarita at 10am while writing this (this is my natural state) :wink:

that said, how to decide on which UI features is kind of what i like to talk about for fun. i get so excited about all the little details of how to do this stuff right.
so… yes, absolutely! i am that much of a nerd. lol


Nicely Said @isaiah