Stacks 4 - Multi-selection breaks the status change indicator of a page

Hello, the multi-selection feature of Stacks 4 is terribly effective. It is a real comfort, undeniably.
But I just realized that after making a simple change on a multi-selection of Stacks TopBox (Display A Title), the indicator of a change made on the page itself does not turn on (point blue in the left sidebar)! … The page is declared unmodified while this is not the case.

No answer ?..
I misspoke ?..
I am the only one to have detected this bug? …
This is not a bug, it’s me who understands absolutely nothing to the software? …
It’s not a bug, it’s a function? …
This bug does not interest anyone?
We’ll all die tomorrow, so this bug does not matter! … :wink:

@isaiah is currently ill, so it might take some time for him to respond, e. g. if this has already been entered in the bug reporter.

Oh! … Prompt recovery at @isaiah … The rest can wait, of course.

I verified the bug. I also cut a ticket on the stacks bug tracker as I didn’t see it out there yet.
In the mean time you can change right click the page and mark it manually.

Merci bien @teefers !.. :wink:

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