Stacks updates not installed

**Hello, **

**problem is solved. I had to renew the permissions described like here (LINK). **
Thank you all for tryinig to help!!!


I bought a new Mac and installed a totally new system, not from a backup. When Stack Updates are shown, I can install them, but it seems they are saved in a wrong place. When I restart RW, the same stacks are shown again in the update-window.
I use the feature to select a place for the add-on folder, the stacks are all there in a folder named “stacks”.

Do you have any idea to solve this problem?

Thank you for your help!


Sometimes after an OS install the custom location can become disconnected – causing some very odd behavior.

Give this a try:

@dan @simon - just including you. i suspect this to be an issue with installing High Sierra.

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For Dan, Simon, or anyone else interested in troubleshooting the issue, here’s a link to the pdf detailing the issue and the steps I took to try and troubleshoot:

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