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Hi everyone,

I just upgraded my Stacks to the latest version as I bought a stack that requires this. Unfortunately, I don’t get my stacks to function. They are not in the usual stacks library. I can see them in the add-on library but from there I can’t drag them into the stack on my page.
Anyone knows what probably obvious step I’m overlooking here ?


I’m guessing your library is hidden?

It should look something like this:


I do see my library, but many stacks are missing. When I click on the Addons on the upper right side I can see them all, but they don’t drag and drop from there. When opening an existing project I get the ‘stack is missing and needs to be re-installed’ comment, but when I try to reinstall it, I get the ‘this stack is already installed’ comment. And they all show up in the Addons library…

They are not supposed to do so. You can drag-and-drop stacks from the Stacks Library, though:

You are probably right about that. In RW7, the location of the Stacks is:

Hard Disk > Users > Fabi (or whatever) > Library > Containers > com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver > Data > Library > Application Support > RapidWeaver > Stacks

You can go to Addons > Stacks in RW, control-click on any stack and choose “Reveal Addon in Finder”, which will lead you directly to that stack installed on your computer, like so:


Hope this helps.

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I updated too - and PRESTO - all my Switcher stacks are no longer being published. They SHOW UP in Rw preview…but upon being published, they are NOT on the website. Yikes.

Page published with v3.5.8b1: https://18.scdiag.com/locations/columbia-west/
Page published with v3.5.9.b2: https://18.scdiag.com/yikes/locations/columbia-west/

What update? Switcher stack was last updated 5th December 2017. There have been no other updates since that date and nobody has logged any issues about the stack with me.

Putting 1 and 1 together, it sounds like you are talking about a Stacks update, not a Switcher update? I believe an update was made for Stacks and the link for jQuery UI was broken, which someone else has discussed here already in another thread:

That looks to be what is not working in your test site. The link to jQuery UI is broken:

This is not a fault with the Switcher stack.

Perhaps you just have to change your Stacks preferences a little and continue using a CDN version of jQuery UI until a future version of Stacks fixes the jQuery UI address?

I am on annual leave this week and next week so have done no testing of the latest Stacks Beta and jQuery UI changes. And I think @isaiah has kindly said in the past that any bugs or feedback relating to Beta builds of Stacks should be posted back to his Slack group, not the forums. I’m thinking this issue you are talking about here is different to what the OP was asking for help with (stack installation).

So sorry, @willwood I did not mean to imply that the issue was with Switcher. I figured out it was a problem with Stacks, which is what the original poster was writing about.

For the record, I LOVE Switcher It’s the best accordion / tab stack out there!

I should also add that I forgot all about using the beta version. Sorry for posting comments here!

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No problem, glad you got it sorted and you will be continuing to use the Switcher stack.

But can I be so bold as to say I think it might be in your best interests to avoid using Beta builds of Stacks or other addons in client / mission critical projects? I only mean to state this as a friendly advisory.

The other discussion you started (someone showed me a screenshot of it via Twitter) on weavers space suggested you were trying to get something finished before Tuesday for a client? Using Beta builds could inadvertently introduce issues that cause you to miss deadlines.

Stable builds are best to use in regular production - just use Beta builds if you have got adequate backups of everything, you know what has changed in each build and you have the time / willingness to assume some things might occasionally be broken. Then is saves us all a lot of trouble. :slight_smile:

I don’t recall seeing any update prompts for Stacks in RW7. But I did get a notification through to my phone from Slack that a new beta build was published yesterday. So I assume that is the one you are having problems with. The other thread I linked to seems to suggest the issue has already been found and fixed. For now, changing the source of jQuery UI might help you get things working again. Same with any other stacks that make use of jQuery UI.

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OK, before I get to the bug…

  1. My apologies to the original poster for cluttering up their post – I’ll get back to that question very soon, I promise.
  2. Please only use beta versions for testing. Beta versions have bugs.
  3. The only place to download the beta and the only place to discuss it is http://slack.yourhead.com this helps keep the beta version and bugs with it from intermingling with other normal issues here on the forum – this thread – which is about a completely different subject – is a very good/bad example of that :frowning:
  4. If you run into problems which you need to solve quickly – the best way is to just install the release version.

OK, about the bug.
3.5.9 beta 1 and 3.5.9 beta 2 both have a bug (although slightly different) in the path to jQuery UI that only gets noticed when published onto a live server (macOS is NOT case-sensitive so the bug goes unnoticed there).

I’ll release a new version with this fixed in a couple hours. In the meantime switching to Stacks v3.5.8 (the release version) should give you identical results to your working page above.


I totally agree, Will.

I have two MacBooks - an older 2013 model, and another one purchased last December. I installed the beta version of Stacks on my old MBP and use it for non-critical sites. My new MBP, though, has been nothing but trouble from day one. It’s been back to Apple twice for repairs, and is currently waiting to either go back again or be exchanged this weekend (a five month old computer that is on its third logic board, and it, too, is bad). My new laptop is my main workhorse…when it works. On this one, I still have the last stable version.

I honesty forgot that the old laptop was pushing the beta version - so when it prompted me to update this morning, I thought nothing of it. Update, edit, publish.

Thank you for the gentle reminder to use stable versions. Apologies to Isaiah for getting the versions mixed up, and fingers crossed that Apple treats me right this weekend and exchanges the lemon they sold me in December.

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Rovertek you just made my day ! As simple as that and it works.
Issue solved !

Thanks a lot for the help you guys. Man I love this forum !

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