Stacks 4 & two instances (versions) of a stack

Through no fault of Stacks 4 or the stack in question, something strange happened after upgrading from v3 to v4 that you might want to be aware of. It might save someone else from wondering what’s going on.

I use the Embed Stack from Stacks4Stacks in order to curl a URL on a whole lot of pages (oh my gosh- what a beautifully simple stack that does something difficult for a non-coder…curling a URL).

Earlier today, I realized that the curled portion of the page wasn’t working. I looked at the Rw project, and it showed the Embed stack, but the items I expected to see in the HUD weren’t there. I opened my last saved v3 copy of the same project up on my iMac (still on Stacks 3), and the HUD looked correct (I could CURL a URL).

I asked @isaiah and @willwood about it - Will replied that it sounded like there might be two instances of Embed on my machine. He was right - there was an old version without the prefix S4S - I’m guessing that I brought it over at some point when moving files back and forth between my MBP and iMac (there’s a reason, but that’s for a different thread…suffice it to say that my MBP was at the Apple Store about five times before they finally replaced it). Apparently, when I installed Stacks v4, it chose the old version of Embed instead of the new version. Again - absolutely not the fault of Isaiah, Will or Stacks v4 - I should have only had one version in there.

I’m only relaying this in case someone else comes upon a stack not functioning as expected - you might want to see if you have two versions of the same stack on your machine before wasting Isaiah’s (or any other developer’s) time first.

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It sounds like you have multiple versions of RW or multiple addons folders going on Dave. I think perhaps taking a fine toothed come to them and looking through them manually might be the answer.

A few months ago I did a little video all about it:

It might be worthwhile to do a search for things like “” and “Stacks.rapidweaverplugin” and see what comes up in spotlight.

When things are confused, try simplifying… make sure there is just

  • one copy of RapidWeaver
  • one addons folder
  • one copy of Stacks
  • one copy of the Embed stack

Perhaps after eliminating all the redundant copies and removing all the unused addons things will become clearer.


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