Stacks for Selling digital docs online?

this is what I have:

  1. Yoozulthemes Cart 2 stacks
  2. Yabdab Paysnap stacks
  3. Rapidcart Pro
  4. Paypal Stack
  5. Paypal Donate

I just want to sell a PDF file. Click, Pay and download.
Can I do that with any of these stacks?? Or I need to buy a different one just for that?

any help will be cool

Depending on how you want the delivery of the doc handled, you can use any, I think. Although, Cart 2 may no longer work … Was it replaced with Cart3?

If you are going to send the doc manually after purchase I’d opt for Paysnap.

If you want it sent automatically then Rapidcart Pro is the option. Although it will require you to store the doc you are selling in an Amazon S3 bucket. Or whatever terminology Amason Web Services are using this week for that particular facility.

I want a button that says Buy Now and when clicked a doc starts downloading. I was easier back in the days and now it seems I need to do a lot just for achieving that?

Cart 2 works fine tho

I won’t start with digital vat on electronic goods :wink:

That’s easy, but surely you want a payment processed before the download commences?

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Paysnap with a success page being a download page.



Of course.

Did you tried to help or thought this was Reddit? I’m here searching for help using stacks for selling pdf docs online the easy way. Understand I have three clients with eCommerce stores that I support and maintain. I don’t want to do all that, I’m looking for a click buy and download option. If you can help I will appreciate it and help others. For some reason your comment sounded like you making fun of my need. Is that’s not the case disregard my reaction.

Albert, I am trying to help you with letting you know that selling all kind of digital goods involves Digital VAT. Especially as you are building stores for clients and not yourself.

Why should I make fun of your needs?

There is no easy way. If you don’t care about these regulations, disregard my comment.


Re: “There is no easy way.”

If you wish to sell a pdf then open a free ECWID account, enter your paypal info and upload your pdf. In ECWID click “generate code” and paste that into an HTML stack. Publish. Done. :slight_smile:

Within the ECWID control panel adding tax settings for digital or physical goods etc., etc., are very straightforward.

I sell downloadable wall art and shippable gifts without any of the stacks you mentioned, only the default stacks that come with Stacks, nor do I have any ECWID related stacks. I have an ECWID business account because I have more than 100 products.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: I have a free download on that Wall Art page if you wish to test the cart from customers perspective.

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I wanted to express that: there is no easy way if you want to do it by yourself.

You’re using ECWID, which takes over all difficult parts.

plus register for VAT, collect the customers location via ECWID, report quarterly by submitting a VATMOSS statement and pay the VAT that you have collected from the customer.

This is what @instacks is referring to. It is illegal to sell digital downloads into the EU or UK from anywhere in the world without complying with these regulations regardless of where you (the seller) are based.

If anyone chooses to break the law then that is entirely up to them (all overseas stacks vendors do it) however if people are giving out advice on forums then it is important that it does not encourage others to break the law (either deliberately or due to ignorance of the regulations).

ECWID have a useful page explaining what people need to do


ECWID is what I prefer - there are different type of accounts, from free to $15/35 month. It run perfectly with RW.

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You can certainly sell digital products with Rapidcart Pro. You‘ll need to establish an Amazon Web Services account to handle the secure bucket that the file will be provided to customers from. Rapidcart will handle the EU VAT, too. Once it is all set up, it works very well too.

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The simplest (technical) solution was already mentioned: PaySnap (which I love now, thanks to @TemplateRepo for recommending it) or PayPal stack. Set the “Payment Successfull” URL to a page with the download link. Job done.

Problem: everyone who knows the payment complete url can download the PDF without paying by entering the URL directly.

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You could also look at Gumroad - it was designed for exactly this kind of scenario.

You can easily embed a button in your RapidWeaver site once the product is on Gumroad :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

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(If I remember correctly, you can’t resell eBooks on Gumroad - content you haven’t created -, it’s a for creators only. The OP isn’t clear about that)

He said PDF’s, I assumed @Albertkinng had created them, hey-ho :stuck_out_tongue:

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