Stacks library in wrong place in Rapidweaver

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I have a huge problem. Something went haywire with my Dropbox, and suddenly my Rapidweaver addons file was deleted. Still don’t know why.

Dropbox support restored the files.

Rapidweaver still didn’t see all my purchased adding, including the Stacks add-on. I went to preferences and re-did the folder: Dropbox>Rapidweavver Addons (Yes it’s misspelled in my Dropbox.)

Then my Stacks plugin was recognized, but not all my purchased stacks. I’ve purchased hundreds through the years, including lots of Foundation stacks (back in 2015).

However, now Rapidweaver is mistakenly going to the WRONG folder. When I click on the Library gear to show the stacks in the finder, it goes to:

Traci>Dropbox> Rapidweavver Addons> .Update Checker> (lots of numbers)

I’m trying to upload a screenshot but it won’t do it.

What is going on, and how do I fix it?


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