Stacks library tab covers 1/3 of screen

The current stacks library button opens a HUGE screen that covers 1/3 of the screen. I can’t figure out how to move it or shrink it to a size that allows me to drag the stack into a large portion of the page.

you used to be able to grab it and move it somewhere. And I don’t remember it being so huge.

How can I shrink it?
How can I move it?

If in Sidebar mode you should be able to drag the right boarder.

You maybe in popover.

Thanks. That helps. But I still don’t understand why RW needs to take up so much of the screen.

You can change the width of the library. Hold with the mouse an slide to the left.
Or you play with the size of the icons.

Yes, I slide everything to the smallest possible, but that is not small enough to have two projects open side by side on a 15" screen

You need two 15" screens, side by side :wink:

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I’ve been using notebooks (previously called laptops) exclusively since 1989. I work on my web sites, time permitting, from my two offices, two houses, or hotels.
RW is the only software I have that can’t shrink to what you want.

It was meant as a joke ;), but RapidWeaver 5 was better adaptable, that’s right.

I have to agree here. I also find that the Stacks window is huge in comparison to what I remember in RW 5. I’m also working on a 15" Macbook and like the ability to take my work with me wherever I go.

I had tried having projects on two computers but had trouble keeping each computer up to date. My best compromise is to work on the Macbook while I have another computer running with 2, 14" screens sitting behind my Macbook. I open up the website I’m working on, on both screens and then keep the left screen with the current site and when I make changes and publish, I update the right hand screen to see the changes. I find making comparisons like this to help with the work.