Stacks Templates?

What is this Templates area for?

Some stacks developers have templates to go along with their stacks, you do not seem to have any of them installed.

Hi Bruce

We’ve got a whole bunch of free Stacks templates at RapidWeaver Central that you can download here.


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I am a little bit confused with templates:

I have two RapidWeaver installations on two computers, the installations are identical (for running some test no stacks are installed, only the stacks plugin):

On one computer templates (the old ones from Stacks 2) are shown, not so on the other computer - see screenshot:

Please keep in mind that I am new to RW. I do recall seeing templates and icons like apfelpuree shows in previous RW and Stacks versions. Is there a stack known to have templates that I can install to see if the templates appear?

Yup, see two posts up, or click here

This one has been asked a lot both on the forum and in our support email, so we added it to the cafe:

and this related question


I was able to find the templates by clicking the gear icon, and the YourHead templates and JW Foundation templates are now visible, though I don’t see any of the templates from Defligra, which were quite numerous… to the point where I don’t really know how to use some of the stacks without using the pre-made templates. Any idea how I can find them?

Also, should I also post this as well on the Yourhead Cafe forum in the, ‘Stacks 3 missing template issue’ thread, or is posting here sufficient?


In the Stacks3 library, click on the gear and select “show hidden stacks” and then they should show up in the templates library. It worked for me with Defligra templates. Hope that helps.

thang, thanks for the tip. I tried the gear - ‘show-hidden’ - again, and I still only have Yourhead and JW Foundation templates showing. Still none from Defligra. I wish I could post a screenshot but I didn’t take one with the Defligra templates before installing S3.

Sorry, the templates actually show up in the stacks library, at least these Defligra “kickstarter” templates seem to.


Aha!… foolishly didn’t look there while being distracted reading and posting in these RW and S3 forums. Got it, found it, thanks!

I didn’t expect them in the stacks library either, glad it helped.

If I may hijack this old thread with a related question.

Is it possible to create a template of a page for future use and store it in the ‘Templates’ area (or anywhere else)?

Sorry, guys. Just found the answer elsewhere. I’m supposed to use partials.

Many thanks


Yes, use partials! But many users keep a “template project” where “built up” and configured stacks are housed and available to copy and paste into new or updated projects. Once in the new project then you can use it as a partial if appropriate.