Stacks update fails to install

Opening RW for the first time today and get this…
@isaiah ?

same for me

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I just restarted RW8 and did not get an addon update available message. Still running 3.6.2. Judging from the version number in the message appears to be a beta?

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yep… it’s beta… from YourHead slack channel:

Content being edited in a text area will again be visible in Preview mode, even if the edit hasn’t completed. For more info please see this video: Previewing Text in RapidWeaver 8

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I don’t have RW prefs set to check for beta…

Odd… here’s a screenshot that shows “beta” and version number. I THINK the option you show above may be for RW app only?? Not sure why you’d get notice of a stacks update. I have no update notice in 7 or 8. I though stacks beta’s were on Slack channel only. @Isaiah will have to explain this…


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Hey Guys,

I had this error pop up too. Didn’t get a chance to look into it other than finding a more useful error message which was “Stacks failed to download”. I’m guessing something’s up with the Stacks update feed.

@isaiah Any thoughts?

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Check the stacks preferences, not the RW ones. I think you have enabled beta versions there…

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I had no idea stacks has prefs… where would I find that? thanks

Lower right hand corner of each stack setting/control

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OK… can’t find it. Found the Stacks prefs, but no setting that refers to updates.

Then I might be wrong about the beta settings for stacks, sorry. I am not on my Mac…

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I had the exact same issue. Just goto the your head website and click on the “Free Download” button to re-download the stacks installer. It worked fine for me.

here’s the link

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Sorry… this one is my fault. I’ve had a rash of these. There seems to be a problem in the appcast building script that is messing up the URLs.

It’s fixed now. Hopefully permanently this time.


Running7.5.5 and getting this update notice. However, after clicking yes, nothing happens. Beach ball spins for 5 minutes, whereupon I give up and quit.

@Butternut I know that it’s difficult to tell the difference, but this issue is actually different than the one above it (the one above is for a beta version that came out just this morning).

What to do:

  1. Perhaps start a new thread about this, or at least mention @dan and @simon to see if they know more about this issue.
  2. Send an email to Realmac support
  3. Download the new versions of these plugins directly from the YourHead website: and install them in the normal way.

Here are some direct download links for your convenience:


If you have any trouble installing or using these plugins, just let me know or contact our support line at:

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The manual method worked perfectly. Thanks.

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