Stacks update fails to install

(Lisa Sandler) #1

Opening RW for the first time today and get this…
@isaiah ?

(Steve) #2

same for me

(Doug Bennett) #3

I just restarted RW8 and did not get an addon update available message. Still running 3.6.2. Judging from the version number in the message appears to be a beta?

(Greg Schneck) #4

yep… it’s beta… from YourHead slack channel:

Content being edited in a text area will again be visible in Preview mode, even if the edit hasn’t completed. For more info please see this video: Previewing Text in RapidWeaver 8

(Lisa Sandler) #5

I don’t have RW prefs set to check for beta…

(Greg Schneck) #6

Odd… here’s a screenshot that shows “beta” and version number. I THINK the option you show above may be for RW app only?? Not sure why you’d get notice of a stacks update. I have no update notice in 7 or 8. I though stacks beta’s were on Slack channel only. @Isaiah will have to explain this…


(Tom Bradley) #7

Hey Guys,

I had this error pop up too. Didn’t get a chance to look into it other than finding a more useful error message which was “Stacks failed to download”. I’m guessing something’s up with the Stacks update feed.

@isaiah Any thoughts?

(Jan Fuellemann) #8

Check the stacks preferences, not the RW ones. I think you have enabled beta versions there…

(Lisa Sandler) #9

I had no idea stacks has prefs… where would I find that? thanks

(Jan Fuellemann) #10

Lower right hand corner of each stack setting/control

(Lisa Sandler) #11

OK… can’t find it. Found the Stacks prefs, but no setting that refers to updates.

(Jan Fuellemann) #12

Then I might be wrong about the beta settings for stacks, sorry. I am not on my Mac…

(Mark) #13

I had the exact same issue. Just goto the your head website and click on the “Free Download” button to re-download the stacks installer. It worked fine for me.

here’s the link

(Isaiah Carew) #14

Sorry… this one is my fault. I’ve had a rash of these. There seems to be a problem in the appcast building script that is messing up the URLs.

It’s fixed now. Hopefully permanently this time.

(Butternut Squash) #15

Running7.5.5 and getting this update notice. However, after clicking yes, nothing happens. Beach ball spins for 5 minutes, whereupon I give up and quit.

(Isaiah Carew) #16

@Butternut I know that it’s difficult to tell the difference, but this issue is actually different than the one above it (the one above is for a beta version that came out just this morning).

What to do:

  1. Perhaps start a new thread about this, or at least mention @dan and @simon to see if they know more about this issue.
  2. Send an email to Realmac support
  3. Download the new versions of these plugins directly from the YourHead website: and install them in the normal way.

Here are some direct download links for your convenience:


If you have any trouble installing or using these plugins, just let me know or contact our support line at:

(Butternut Squash) #17

The manual method worked perfectly. Thanks.

(system) #18

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