Rapid weaver 7 and Stacks 2

Hi i am using RW v5 with stacks v2 with no problems. I today downloaded RW 7 to try out and none of my web pages loads due to it not finding my stacks 2 plugin it has not copied over. It says to download from the website and search for it but i cannot find the file on the site. Is stacks2 compatible with RW7 or must i update to stacks v3 for it to work - if so won’t bother. Many thanks for your help.

Hi, you have to use Stacks 3 with RW7.

But trust me, Stacks 3 is a huge update in regards to Stacks 2, you will not want to go back afterwards :slight_smile:

so if i purchase RW7 and stacks v3 all will be ok and my site will display as it does now using RW5 ?

IMHO, yes. Of course I cannot guarantee.

But after upgrading to Stacks 3, you also have to make sure that your Stack elements are up to date -> inbuilt Stack updater.

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We have just confirmed that Stacks 2 does not work with RW 7. We are looking into this and will post more information as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

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I always recommend running plugins with the host app of the same generation. And Stacks 3 will certainly be much better for RapidWeaver 7 in many many ways. But we never meant to let Stacks 2 fail entirely. This is an incompatibility that crept in just in the last few API changes in RapidWeaver 7 – and we missed it. Sorry about that.

It seems like it’s a minor issue, though. Just a recent RapidWeaver API change. I think a recompile is all that’s needed to fix.

We’ll get that released and updated in the next 24 hours. You’ll be able to find it on our plugin archive where you can find older versions of all our plugins.

I’ll post here too when it’s available.


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For the record : i have downloaded RW7 demo and the new Stacks v3.1.0 demo version . I can confirm that v7 now displays my website correctly (website made with Rw5 & stacks v2)

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And sorry for the wrong information that Stack 2 might not work with RW7, I did not know that @isaiah actually worked on the upgrade. Sorry guys!

Sorry but there is another Bug upgrading from V5 to V7 . when you convert your website project from 5 to 7 all goes well however. I have upgraded to stacks v3 as above but when you click your website project file it fails to recognise you have installed the stacks V3 software.and cannot find it. You have to open RW7 on its own then click your RW7 project then it works ok, i have saved the project 3 times now just hopefully to update the settings but it don’t find them ???

@Shylock10966 between RapidWeaver v5 and RapidWeaver v7 there have been two large file-format changes. This means that the files come with new extensions now.

My guess is that when you open that older RW 5 file it’s converting the file and saving a copy in the new file format with the new extension somewhere nearby. And double clicking on that file should work as expected.

I’m afraid I no longer have many RW 5 files to test with – so I can’t offer any more specific details. It’s late in the evening in the UK right now, so the RW guys probably won’t get back to you for a few hours – but if you sent them an email about they’d have specific info about this.

Just to be clear, the best version of Stacks is Stacks 3. You can find it at http://yourhead.com/stacks/
Stacks 3 works great with RapidWeaver 6 and RapidWeaver 7 and you should definitely use that. If you own any older version you can upgrade for 50% off. And you can always try it out for free for as long as you like.

But for the few users that are still using Stacks 2, we still love you guys too and want to make sure you can use RapidWeaver 7, and we have a little fix for you to download (no, seriously, you should upgrade, Stacks 3 is pretty awesome).

Stacks 2.8: Download

You can always find this version and a complete history of all our plugins on the YourHead Plugin Archive

On a personal note: it has been many months since I’ve used Stacks 2. I run some automated tests on it, but hadn’t really had to use it in earnest in quite a while. Hooooo boy is Stacks 3 a lot faster. I had forgotten how much blood, sweat, and tears I put in to making the Stacks 3 Library really scream. Glad I did. It shows.

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