Stacks v4.2.0 -- Apple Silicon Universal

There’s a new version of Stacks available today. This version includes bug fixes for drag-and-drop, stability improvements (fewer crashes while dragging), and is also universal for Apple Silicon.

You can get it via auto-update from our server. We’re officially dropping RW7 support (although in practice it will still work for a while more – but I don’t recommend this at all) and suggest that you upgrade to at least macOS 10.12.

You can also find this at the usual spot on our website:

Or via the easy to remember direct download URL: Downloading Stacks

A bit more info about Apple Silicon universal builds: You can use this universal build of Stacks with RapidWeaver 8.7 whether you have an Apple Silicon Mac or not. It will run fine on Intel Macs and even in Rosetta while we wait for all the other plug-ins and RapidWeaver to update too.
To move over to running RapidWeaver and Stacks natively you’ll need to move the app itself and all of its plug-ins (just plug-ins, not themes, stacks, or snippets, … etc.). Once you have all of your plug-ins in universal form, then you can run a universal version of the app.
I think that some other folks have been patiently waiting for Stacks to release a universal version and I just want to say an extra big THANK YOU for your patience. That was quite a bit harder than we anticipated.
Now that Stacks is out there I’m hopeful that all our other plug-ins will follow along much more quickly. And other RapidWeaver plug-in developers will follow suit too. Since beta versions of universal RapidWeaver have been available for months, I’m sure they’re chomping at the bit to release something too. So, all you M1 Mac aficionados, your wait is almost over. :smiley:


Good news!

Not a single reply to this thread after 48 hours. In my experience that means things went pretty smoothly. Yeah!

Of course it wasn’t perfect. In another thread I got one bug report (dragging between projects isn’t possible right now). We’ll get that little bug fixed this week. And if anyone notices any other issues with the Stacks v4.2 update just let me know and I’ll try to sneak those changes in too.

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@IsaiahSaw this post earlier, you might want to check it out. I think it might relate to this release.

Thanks for the heads-up Adam.

I replied directly to that post. I think I was writing at the same time you were. I’ve set aside some time tomorrow to work with this user one-on-one – or at least on their specific files/info. Hopefully we’ll get some info and get the working or get a good bug-report to work on for v4.2.1.

The good news is that the original poster of that thread says the nasty drag-and-drop-and-crash bug is gone. Which is seriously good news. I think that bug has been with us since v4.1.0, just in shifting forms. I managed to move it from dev-timer-info over to stack-updates then over to drag-and-drop. But really I think it was the same bug underneath.

The problem was in updating the edit-mode display – I think I finally discovered the root cause that was behind all of these problems.


@isaiah nice work on getting Stacks out for Apple Silicon :tada:

So far we’ve only released the RapidWeaver Apple Silicon beta to add-on developers. We’ll be doing a public beta of the new RapidWeaver in the coming months. By this time more plugins should hopefully be converted resulted in a smoother transition.

Upwards and onwards!



Looking forward to new beta RW things. :smiley:

Thanks for getting RW universal and out to devs. It helped a lot to have a fully working system to test.

I knew that Stacks would need to be first, well before anyone could use it pragmatically – or every other plug-in dev would say, “No reason to go universal if Stacks isn’t universal.”

So… Boom. We’ve cleared that hurdle. Onward building for the new API – getting much closer now.


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