Stacks work slow

After upgrading to a new iMAC with MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) working with stacks became slow. When I drag a stack to the side, it happens in small increments (as if limping in small bumps)
Same “limping” occurs when moving stacks up and down in order on the page, and when scrolling up and down on page.
I thaught I could upload a screen video of the behavior, but it is difficult, as moving does not show it as I experience it, and might look more as if I can’t control my mouse.
I can’t tell if it’s RW, Stack, MacOS or the cooperation of things, that causes this behavior.
My old Mac had weaker cpu and less memory.
I think I’ll try uninstall RW, clean up with CleanMyMac and then reinstall, but I wonder if any in this forum have experinced same strange behavior

What version of RW and Stacks you’re using?

Do you have any add-ons installed besides Stacks? What versions of those?

RW 8.4.1 and Stacks
Working 100% with Foundry - and a few Stacks in association.
Behaviour occurred after installing MacOS 10.15 on my “new” iMac, and it didn’t occur on my old iMac with MacOS 10.14.
I think more likely cooperation between MacOS, RW and Stacks
I don’t think, or hope, that behaviour is related to my new iMac, due to a powerful CPU, lots of memory and SSD HD - and no projects exceed 48 MB

I wouldn’t use CleanMyMac, it causes more problems then it can solve.

Does this happen with a brand new project?

You can try to reinstall RW and stacks
The latest copy of RW here:


When I upgraded my 2013 MacPro from Sierra to Mojave, there was a noticeable slowdown of every app and every process—from starting up the computer to opening applications to working in applications. I suspect this was due to an increased OS security checkups and I am almost certain this is even bigger issue in Catalina. I can’t say for sure, though, because I am not planning to upgrade to Catalina until I buy a new computer next year.

I have to wait until thursday to take further action, due to other work next 24 hours

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