Stacks 4 - Are You Ready?

It just feels like the right time… :slight_smile:

Update: Stacks 4 is out now: Go get your Stacks!


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I am so ready…

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Thank you for the vision and courage to pursue! I am already in line and ready!



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More than ready! Christmas in August!…

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Thank you very much for your vision, passion, effort and dedication. Your work and constant support is highly recognized by our entire community.


Thanks everyone, I couldn’t do it without all the help of this huge community of developers and dedicated users and yes, all the novices too.

Remember to keep those feature requests coming in too… after a few days off it’ll be time to start on the next stuff…

Maybe a few new API goodies for the developers???
Or maybe a big UI overhaul???
Do we need a companion iOS app???
Oh, wait, I know… I made these really cool stickers… who wants one?

The future’s wide open. :grin:



Ready!! Excited to see this.

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Well done @isaiah,
We all appreciate all the hard work you have put into Stacks over the years, as far as i am concerned Stacks is a must buy product and complements Rapidweaver perfectly :slight_smile:


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Stacks are the shoulders on which everything else stands.

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Congratulations, @Isaiah. I have used Stacks since v2 in 2012 and it is arguably the best thing to happen to Rapidweaver.

What a great piece of software :pray::muscle::+1:

Great stuff! I’m a late comer to the Stacks party, but it’s changed me from absolutely hating web dev to absolutely loving it! It’s a revolutionary product to say the least.

NB. Please don’t tell anyone else about Stacks… Not a soul! Lets keep it between us. :wink:


I’m checking every 30 minutes…it’s 5pm in Scotland. A whole day gone without Stacks 4 :cry: :disappointed_relieved:

Looking forward to the big release.

11 am in Texas…not here yet either

Go get your Stacks!


You did good!

How to downgrade to Stacks 3? I purchased stacks 4 yesterday but quickly found out it was not compatible with Nick Cates ”Depth” (RW keep crashing) as well as 1 LD: s ”Percept” (unable to change text and images in the ”Modules”).