Stacks4Stacks’ Mixing Deck + Foundation

Stacks4Stacks’ Mixing Deck + Foundation

I recently redesigned an old music website in Foundation only find the previously functionality of Mixing Deck is not the same.

I am unsure is there is compatibility issue with Stacks4Stacks + Foundation or something else?

Previously there was a “play” button the Mixing Deck stack would display and now nothing?

Am I missing something perhaps?

Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance.

When I visit that URL it tells me the account is suspended?

As @robbeattie has said, your web hosting account has been suspended. None of your webpages or media files load for me at this end. Cached versions are being blocked too.

My MixingDeck stack would not cause this error to show and nobody has contacted me with comments that this stack is incompatible with Foundation. This stack has always worked with Foundation and many other themes / frameworks.

I can only assume that you were perhaps a bit naughty in using MixingDeck to play some files which you possibly did not hold the proper copyright to? Someone has complained to your hosting provider about your content and had your website suspended. Unfortunately that is way-beyond my support remit and a dicussion you will need to have with the hosting company; to find out exactly the reason behind the account suspension and options to avoid it in future.

The error message (pictured above) specifically says you need to contact your hosting provider. Based on my tests, you are using a company called JustHost. So they should be the first people you speak with about your website and MixingDeck having seemingly been suspended.


@willwood thanks for you reply… My hosting was down due to an auto pay on an expired CC.

The site is back up. I doubt seriously the file are the issue and I have received no complaints about the content.

I still need to correct this issue for my client.

Would mind taking another look as I still can not identify the issue?

Please contact me direct via email through the Stacks4Stacks website with your billing address. I’ll give you a quote for the time and cost to look at this matter. A link to download everything I need would be useful too.

I post this on Weavers Space too but will repost it here too.

I tried putting mixing deck on a plain stacks page, it works fine showing the demo files and play button as expected, but when the theme is changed to Foundation it no longer works and the play button disappears.

So maybe there is something in the recent Foundation update that is overriding Mixing Deck and stopping it from working as expected?

@willwood, thanks again for you reply.

As @pmjd described above, seems we are having the same issue.

I understand your comment that the stack has always worked with Foundation.

There have been recent Foundation updates. So before prior to initiating trouble ticket, my question is has the Stack verified to be working since the update?

Thanks again.

@pmjd I’m not on Weavers Space so regretfully I don’t see what gets chatted about there. Email is best. I get messages instantly to my computer or phone and normally respond within a few hours to most enquiries. Some people on these forums will testify that I was even providing support on Christmas Day morning!

@tkayoe Unfortunately I am not in a position to offer guarantees of compatibility with addons from other developers, so I don’t know what “verification” you would be seeking for a free stack?

RapidWeaver is a modular setup. There are trillions of possible combinations of addons. There are always going to be certain combinations that don’t work together. It is physically impossible to test every conceivable configuration and retest each time something new comes along or gets an update. Nor can I influence the code another add-on brings into the page.

I should also add that support for free addons is provided on a discretionary basis. Users of paid addons or those who have made a contribution always get priority support. Especially during the holidays.

I have tested MixingDeck with the updated Foundations 1.8.1 theme. It appears something has been added in an update that handicaps Modernizer. Therefore the MixingDeck player falls outside of the ‘if’ conditional statement and fails to load fully. Not an issue I could have foreseen or a problem encountered in any other theme before today.

Looks like we can forego using Modernizer if you don’t mind loosing support for older web browsers. The update has been sent out to contributors / patreons already and everyone else will get an update at a later date.

It concerns me how many other stacks that use Modernizer might be broken by this theme update. Modernizer has been used quite prolifically in the past to help your stacks work in older web browsers. There are good reasons why it is included with some stacks. It is a legitimate solution and widely regarded by many experts for solving numerous problems.

If you are building websites for paying clients, you definitely need to take a closer look at my RWSkinz system that is totally made for the job. You could easily build with RWSkinz and save yourself a ton of time and money. I won’t hide the fact that I’m becoming concerned about how closed-off and overly complex some of these other build systems are slowly evolving into. Keep your build options open for 2019 and broaden your toolkit!


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