Starting out in CSS

Hey Community

So, I am a designer, through and through. Imagery and shaping, concepts and art.
As I experiment more and more with RW, I find myself wanting to take more control behind the scenes.

Here’s my question, where and what is the best online course/guided source for starting out with HTML/CSS coding? I have had such excellent help here on these forums with people able to reel off segments of code to fix issues, and this really is something I would love to learn to do for myself/help others with.

For any of your thoughts and ideas, thanks in advance.

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CodeAcademy have an excellent free course on HTML and CSS which is fun and easy to follow, and some more general courses on creating websites:

W3Schools is also a good online learning resource:

Good to see someone else wanting to experiment and learn HTML/CSS. :clap:


I know this is not an online source, but it is still a good resource to have. It is a great book:

I would suggest this to everyone who builds websites.


+1 Fantastic book.
Its big brother on Javascript and jQuery is excellent too.

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Hey @Leon,

Both of the suggestions you’ve had so far are great. If you decide Code Academy isn’t for you, good alternatives include Code School and Khan Academy.

My hands-down favourite teacher of web-stuff is Jeffrey Way. His course on tuts+ is old now but a lot of the info will still be very relevant. I believe it’s free if you create an account on the network too: From there you could check out his similarly structured Javascript course:

If you want to go more in depth, the ABA books are great too. I’d suggest checking out
HTML5 for web designers
, CSS3 for web designers, Responsive Web Design and SASS for web designers in that order.

Hopefully that isn’t over-facing. Once you get stuck in this stuff is a lot of fun.

Good luck,


Here’s a fun, free, quick course for getting started:

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Excellent, thanks as well to the other suggestions. All good places to start. :slight_smile:

Looks like I have a reading list to get in order, I am looking forward to it.

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