Sticky bar & toggle icon don’t work in 8.7

In RapidWeaver 8.7 my sticky bar and toggle icon work in preview but not when it is published?

Hi Roman, and Welcome to the Forum.

Provide us a little more info here,

  1. A URL to the published page
  2. What “Sticky Bar and Toggle Icon” are you using?
  2. Not sure…I just updated to 8.7. How do I find out what sticky bar and toggle icon I’m using.

The theme is Vayager Pro


The URL was all I needed to check a few things.

You put some Google Tag Manager stuff in correct? Looks like you have some strange stuff going on. Maybe when you copied and pasted:

So what ever you put in is getting a syntax error, Try removing that to start.

You also are getting al kinds of 404 not founds:

Now I’d republish all files after you remove that bad JavaScript stuff.

Thanx…the problem is I don’t know where to find the code. Oops. That’s the problem being a good designer and a lousy programmer. I did some “funny” stuff with the menu where I inserted sub-topics under a main one, etc. Take a look at my screen capture of the previews. It worked so I went ahead:

Two places to look:

Site wide code goes in the code section (under page listing, left side):

Page level code goes in the page inspector (right side):

It looks to be in the head section from where it appears on the URL.

I will have to call my programmer…or not. This is what is in CODE…Head:

I’d just delete it for now since the site is broken.

The   is html for non-breaking space. If you got the code as anything other than plain text (a word processor or other program) it could have been translated.

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Hi mr. Bennett. Once I removed the code it magically works. Ha. Somehow I let in Google analytics-a leftover from a previous job into mine site and that was causing the problem. Without you I would have still been adrift. Thxx
R B Milo


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