Sticky (player) stack floating on top of the site. Does it exist?

I’m working on a site for a new radio station and are about to integrate a player. “Problem” is that it stops when surfing to another page on the site. It can be opened in a new window, but that doesn’t feel like a particularly elegant solution 2015. A better solution would be a player that floats on top of the site like the player on this site:

You can surf to any page on the site and the player never stops. Anyone that knows a stacks solution for this?

// Leif

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Sorry Leif, I can not help you. But I do understand your problem. I have the same with my new website Maybe Joe Workman could help us out?

Look and see what they are using for the podcast here, it does not stop if you switch pages.

Just a thought

I asked the same question in the G+ group. You can see the post here:

Joe Workman told me it is impossible. Because in Rapidweaver has every page a different url. I experimented with Screens and that works. Look at

@harmonicorde But a screens page is only one page. That’s why it’s working.

Ever considered to play all (the whole website) in an iframe page?
Then the sound must play all the time.

Interesting idea, that might work. I decided to use a popover window. The site goes live on Monday and you can see the (almost) finished site here.

We think that most people will use the mobile apps anyway so a popover will probably work just fine for the desktop listeners.

Was messing around with a test project for someone else and this idea came to me, you can use MovingBox along with its external linking to make a navigation and it looks like you are going from page to page, but yet staying on the same page. This way you can have any audio stack (I am using Joe’s HTML5 Audio hidden) and it will keep playing, you can see an example here:

It should work with other themes as well, but I only tested it with Foundation.

Edit - oh, and only the first three links work.