Strange behavior of RW8.7

I am working on a projectX where the projectX.rw8 document is located in a folder on the web server volume on a NAS, with this path:


When I publish projektX, RW place the website files in the same folder as expected and at the same time it creates a folder in the server volume trash (which are created by the NAS) with copies of the website files. A folder for every time I publish the site. The path is:


Thus, there are more than two copies of the site.

Why does RW do it and how does RW find the trash?

Apparently it works except for the many copies of the site, but if I interrupt the work on the project without closing RW and the project but just save projectX and put the Mac to sleep, something goes wrong. When I resume work on projectX and make some corrections followed by publishing, the corrections do not appear on the web files. Although I close the project and RW and then reopen it, the corrections are not found in projectX.rw8.

If, on the other hand, I look in the folder in the trash folder (#recycle/projectX/) a copy of projectX.rw8 has now been created in this folder. It contains the corrections i have made.

When I open the project from RW, it is the project in the trash folder that opens. Usually I open the project by double-clicking it in the server folder. I will therefore be able to work with two different project files and I have also experienced many strange errors in some days where php-include files could not be found, fixes do not appear on the web files, stacks disappear in RW but is visible on the web files, to name a few errors.

Tonight I deleted all the RW files I could find on the Mac and reinstalled RW, addons and stacks again and everything worked fine until the Mac was asleep!

Why is RW moving the focus from the website folder to the trash folder?

Is there a solution to the problem? Any help is appreciated.


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