Strange characters showing up

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Here’s the live page: User-selectable Addons folder, RW 7 - any advice, please? - #5 by MarkSealey (click on the first photo to read her bio). How do I get rid of those special characters?

Theme: Solstice

Perhaps you pasted the text without using “paste as plain text” from the edit menu? You can try deleting the text and re-pasting the text with the “paste as plain text” option, or alternatively try highlighting the text and select “clear formatting” from the Format menu.

This generally happens when you paste text from Word or other apps where the text has been formatted.

If either solution doesn’t help let us know and perhaps someone else will find the correct problem and solution. The actual URL is always helpful. :wink:


Thanks David! I managed to fix it.

This text wasn’t within a Rapidweaver stack, it was entered in an Armadillo Solo Content Stack. I guess my client had used some different quotation marks, and those strange quotation marks were being converted into those funny characters.

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