Issue with markdown text on PC

Hello all, I have this error on some markdown text only with Pc and chrome for pc…
Visualization on Mac is perfect, on PC this weird character appear. (see screenshot).
I did use both iA writer and the scribe stack, in both way I have the issue.

Any helps…?

here the link: What we do

Thanks for your help.

It could be the quotation marks " as your raw html has them, but they do not show in Safari? Try deleting them and republish and see what happens.

Also, no space between fields.Meeting - another odd character there.

Those aren’t quotation marks. They may look like that but they are u\2028’s. Perhaps they are remnants from copy and paste?

Did you copy this text from another application? I’d try opening up the markdown and do a
Select all text (⌃Cntl+a) and then copy (⌘ Cmd+c) then do a paste as plain(⌥Opt+⌘ Cmd+v) text right back, replacing all the text. I’d do that on every single markdown stack you used.

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First I copied from the old formatted text inside a text stack, then I tried to edit into iA Writer, but the odd thing is that on MacOS and iOs look everything ok…
Now I want to try what you told me. I keep you updated, thanks.

Safari might look okay today, but next release, who knows. The screenshots are from M/S Edge Browser on a Mac.

When ever you copy from another application, it’s always best practice to copy as plain text.

Odd-ball Unicode characters can have different outcomes on different browsers and different OS’s.


I did install ms edge but even on this everything looks ok… This week we bought a Mac air M1 that perform flawlessly and I’m waiting for a 16” pro, I don’t want to buy a pc to see a preview…! :slight_smile:

Did you make the changes to the markdown stacks?

You can use the developer tools and check without buying a PC.

MS Edge on a Mac will look fine on the main browser window. The garbage Unicode characters are there, just your Mac doesn’t know what to display when it encounters them.

Of course, the next Mac OS update could change that, and with over half of browsing being done on non-Apple products you need to fix this.

Once you have fixed it post here and someone else can check out the results for you.

Thank you all.

I solved the problems of the strange characters as you said, rewriting in iA writer removing all unnecessary spaces

Thanks again to everybody.

You do need to be really careful when preparing markdown code, it must only be text without any formatting codes visible or hidden.

I use a number of different text editors when preparing and editing markdown, a good FREE editor is the Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor. I use this when I copy a whole page of MS Word text, paste it into VSC editor and all you get is plain text ready to be styled with markdown.

Uh, very good news… thanks Gary.

I mostly use Byword, but that isn’t free. It does allow you to preview markdown text though which is handy if you are inputting bigger chunks of text.

VSCode has several markdown extensions that can help you out with things like previews.

There are a large number of markdown editors available, paid, free, online, offline etc, etc.

Many clipboard managers allow you to ”paste as plain text” by default.

The important thing is to always use plain text for all text in your projects. Formatting characters will mess up markdown, styled text, HTML, CSS, Javascript, htaccess, etc, etc.

Pretty similar to iA Write, thanks.

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