Strange issue with Hop stack

Hi everyone, I recently bought the Hop stack and I’m noticing a strange issue. In Safari, when you click on the Hop stack “card” and then close it, the text on the card doesn’t reappear.

Give Water | Acts for Water (

Click on one of the coloured cards…the card expands fine. But after you click on the X, the card shrinks and the text doesn’t come back.

Also, when you click on a card to expand it, the overlay doesn’t cover the MagicGellan nav, so the close button is hidden behind the nav.

Anyone know a fix? @weavium

Doesn’t work on Chrome either.

Looks like that the CSS is off, there are some z-axis issues, I could imagine that some of the stacks’ css you’re using is not working well together.

Thanks for checking, Heiko.

Is @weavium still active in the RW community?

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