Stripe / MySQL insert Stack

(John Higgins) #1

I know there are a few eCommerce sites out there that allow selling physical or digital items via Stripe.

I need to set something up so users can complete a form and then make a payment via Stripe. Upon the payment being successful, the data input into the form will be written to a MySQL database.

I can code up the form and database insert. I just need a way of triggering this once the payment is successful.

Anyone have any ideas how to achieve this?

I would love to talk to a developer to get a stack for this as it’s something I would use fairly frequently. Let me know if you are interested.



(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

I am not familiar with Stripe. Maybe you could use a Webhook to get notified?

(Doug Bennett) #3

I’ve never used Strip either, but their documentation shows they return a “charge” object that indicates a flag of paid true or false.

(Stuart Marshall) #4

@yuzool has a Stripe/Checkout stack and that has the option of adding a redirect link on payment success. Maybe instead of adding a url you could call a javascript function to insert the form content to the database (the function could also direct the user to a success page).

(John Higgins) #5

Be good to see from @yuzool if this would work.

(Michael Frankland) #6

A quick way would be Zapier integration:

As Jannis mentioned Webhooks would work too.
It’s a little old but here’s an example:

And Stuart’s idea is good too :slight_smile:

Interesting idea John!

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