Struggling with RW8 Forms

I am trying to edit my form on my website which is proving to be a fustrating expereince.
I am trying to follow Joe Workmans video tutorial Foundation 6 Form Stacks Masterclass - YouTube

However it is not as simple as he is making out.

First off the Contact Form Stack he is using is differant to mine. Why is this?
Also when I try to endit the stack I get the above error.
I.e you must convert it to a Partital or an External

I have no idea what this even means… I thought RapidWeaver and Foundation Stacks 6 is supposed to be easy and user friendly?

I found this which helps a bit Get Stacks 4

With the sample temples that Joe provides, just hit the unpack button first before you try and edit them.

Not sure what the “get stacks 4” link has to do with the issue? You need stacks 4 to use Foundation 6.

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