Images not appearing in all browsers?

(Jen) #1

I made a website using BLT Dexertity. site: I used SuperFlex 1.2 in a EC 1 for banner in rapidweaver 5.3.2. Images are not appearing on Android Google Chrome or Firefox 40 Desktop. I am in need of help I can’t figure out why not appearing in all browsers. Even images on home page that are just jpegs and logo not appearing? Only text? Any ideas?

(Mark Sealey) #2

Brandon’s support at BLT is excellent; suggest emailing him there too. Good luck!

(Jen) #3

Thank you I have emailed him. Hope to hear soon!

(Jen) #4

I am still have problems with images flashing then disappearing in some browsers. I am still using RW 5.3.2. I took out super flex and placed all images and used banner function of theme. Any ideas? Would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

(Larry B) #5

I am having the same problem using the foundations theme, but it’s only a problem occasionally, which is even more frustrating! If I find any solution, I will let you know. BTW, I am also based in Shaker Heights - kind of weird…