Support/development for prettyPhoto 3

(Penny Roberts) #1

“Pretty Photo 3” was a great collection of stacks from Mauricio Sabene. Has anyone continued to develop or support this stack(s)? It was really a wonderful, reliable feature-rich lightbox.


(Rob D) #2

PrettyPhoto is just a generic lightbox. Probably, Mauricio added some extra functionality to it. I don’t think this particular variety of lightbox is still developed (I may be wrong), but there’s tons of lightbox-based photo galleries and other stacks available from different developers. One source of those that I can recommend is Stacks4Stacks, but there’s many more.

(Penny Roberts) #3

Thanks for your response. I have compared most of the lightbox stacks, and these days it is easy enough to even hand code a lightbox, but Mauricio’s stack stood out in ways that are hard to explain unless one has actually used the stack. He is a talented developer, and it is regrettable that he is no longer part of the Rapidweaver developer community.

(system) #4

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