Contact with 1LittleDesigner

(Rob D) #1

Who knows how to get in touch with their Tech Support, avoiding the stupid Siphon-based form which defeats the purpose of a direct contact?

@1LittleDesigner ???

(Jon Meadows) #2

Hello Rob,

You can use the first category in the Support form for emergency topics, the rest of the categories gather information to help expedite the troubleshooting process when a bug or conflict has been encountered. The support team is available Monday through Friday and is off on weekends.

(Rob D) #3

You mean “Report a problem with the checkout process or 1LD website” category?

(Jon Meadows) #4

Sorry about that, some missing context, this was in reference to the missing tutorial question you had. I have also updated the verbage in the form to make the topic more clear.

(Rob D) #5

Thanks, Jon, 1LD’s website sure could stand a little bit more clarity and organization.