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Hey folks,

I was wondering what the typical support response times were from various RW stack and theme developers.

I’ve been waiting for over three months to get a resolution on a stack issue. The last response from the developer was on Jan 6. I’ve reached out on numerous occasions recently for an update and have heard nothing back.

Does this seem unusual?

Yes, this is highly unusual. Most stack developers will get back to you within hours, or a couple of days at the most. (Time zone differences and vacation times explain most of the waiting time for some.)

Since we don’t know the developer you are talking about it’s a random guess at this point: either your email was never delivered for some reason or the developer is no longer active. At this site we are well aware of active vs. non-active developers and can help you with that. … but overall this is very unusual.

Hey Mathew,

Thanks for your response.

The developer is active and a prominent member of the RW community. I initially chalked up the slow/no response to the COVID situation. Perhaps I’ll open a new trouble ticket.

If it’s something you don’t mind in public view, You can also post questions here on the forum. Often times someone else has the answer. You can also tag the vendor here.

Hey Teefers,

I’ve just submitted another trouble ticket. If I don’t hear back, I’ll post the problem here. It would be good to get it resolved!

Good luck and remember you can always post your issues here and we’ll do our best to help (or get it in front of a developer that can).


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