Table of all icons

Hi All,

is there a possibility to create a table with all inbuilt rapidweaver icons?
has anybody done this before or can tell me where i can find this?
i tried it here in the forum and on google but i had no luck so far.


That’s going to vary depending on the theme, framework or what stacks you may be using.

Many use Font Awesome V4>

Some (Not many because it’s not free)may have Font Awesome V5

Others may use their own custom SVG’s.

A slight re-clarification; Font Awesome v5 does have a free variant that some addons make use of:

However there are many different icon libraries and versions available. For example, Bootstrap has just released its own that works well in any theme that uses Bootstrap 4:

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thanks both for your quick reply, that was just what i was looking for!

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