Table stack with option of colouring the background of selected rows

Does anyone know of a table stack with the option of colouring the background of selected rows rather than just alternate rows please? I have managed to do the job with headers and paragraphs but it’s a bit long winded. See for the result I’m seeking.
Many thanks

Hi Gordon

Grid Iron! You can highlight a row on hover or when selected in Grid Iron :slight_smile:


Hello Greg
My thanks for your feedback and I’ll have a play with Grid Iron. At first sight it does not give me what I’m looking for as I wish to highlight the months with all applicable dates equally highlighted. It just makes it easier for our older members to see at a glance what dates are highlighted in a given month. (I’m one of those older members myself)!
Thank you again - I’ll advise the outcome when it happens.


I’m not sure I follow, but your example seems achievable with grid iron. If you write your own little html or markdown, you can style any individual cell:

You could even do:
<div style="background-color:blue;">Month</div>

In a cell. But, please keep in mind, I dont support or am able to assist users in writing custom CSS.


Your continued support fully appreciated Greg.
Without going into a lot of detail, I’m an old man with serious health problems. Just trying to leave a decent site for my colleagues and bearing in mind that, if anything should happen to me, someone else will have to take over. Keeping things as simple as possible is paramount. I’ll try your suggestions and see where it leads.
Been up all night watching the EU referendum so going to bed now.
My thanks again