Looking for a flexible table stack

I’ve got a few but none which will do things along the lines of a MS word table. In other words merge horizontal cells or even vertical cells and assign a specific colour to each row etc.


Can you let us know which ones you have that don’t do what you need at the moment?


I have Zebra Tables - which is super, but doesn’t do this merge thing and Responsive Table - also Useful Grid and Adaptive Grid.

I’m guessing (though I’ve not yet tried) that I could get the same effect with using multiple responsive colums which my be the way I shall go, but I figured that maybe there was such a table stack out there.

http://www.cosculture.com/plugins-stacks/product/table-pro/ - might be worth a look. Not completely clear from the product page whether it’ll do what you want.

Thanks Rob - I’ll give it the once over. :slight_smile:

Gave up and resorted to css/html to get the job done :frowning:

@grajay I’m not sure this will help you immediately, but a very nice product was recently released called TableFlip. It’s a simplified way to create tables via Markdown. Beyond being simple to use, it also uses the advantages of Multi-markdown: which provides some “extras” for tables.

What TableFlip does not control is CSS. But there’s plenty of CSS support out there for finishing the job. Again, this may not be the most efficient solution for your current challenge, but may be a long term tool to use. Multimarkdown won’t work with the RW or Stacks markdown page/stacks. But you can simply convert to HTML first.

More on the product here:

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FWIW for simple tables I still use the Partitions stack which was from Kuler Solutions but which I don’t think is being developed any more. It’s a good little stack and the best I’ve found for doing simple tables - for example here.

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Nice table! Would love to have a stack that would yield a similar result.

I love it. Maybe @Gary could be persuaded to bring it back into his list of products?


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I would love to bring Partitions back. I was one of my BIGGEST sellers. Unfortunately, Stacks 3 no longer allows for use of the %repeat% string in stacks and Partitions relied on this to make the table.

Yourhead (@isaiah, the developer of the Stacks plugin) didn’t just spring this on us or anything, he gave us ample warning (like a year or more) that %repeat% was being deprecated (for very good reasons) but I just haven’t found a way to duplicate the functionality and user friendliness.

I have a couple of different “prototypes” of a new Partitions stack that are a bit more “clunky” in my testing lab. One uses javascript ninjutsu to build columns and rows but it is really, really slow and not user friendly at all. The other involves building rows separately from building columns. Once you have the rows built then you go back and add columns to each row … again, this is just not a good user experience.

Should I be able to sort, what I believe to be a good user experience to build tables then I will definitely post the news right here in this thread.

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Thanks for the info Gary.

At the moment though, Partitions works great for me so I don’t understand the %repeat% string issue. Or will the stack suddenly stop working one day (in which case I’ll have to prepare for it!).

If you could elaborate a little, I’d be grateful.



Thanks Matthew & Rob for your ideas and suggestions.

@robbeattie - I can not speak with authority on the matter but I can tell you that us stacks developers have been told that %repeat% will cease to work at some point. I do not know when that will be but it might be a good idea to have a back up plan in place.

It could be a year from now but it could be in the next update to the plugin, I don’t really know.

It would effect any stack from any developer who has ever used the %repeat% string … Tabs, Accordions, tables, etc basically anything that you could add multiples of by using the Stacks Inspector panel.

Right, as opposed to using the new-fangled ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the stack itself? Gotcha.

Perhaps @isaiah could step in here and give a rough timeframe?

I’ll have to think of a Back up.


There’s some information here that might explain the sitation of ‘repeats’ a bit better:

You may have noticed I’m in the process of working through some of the seyDesign stacks to remove repeats and add support for the little blue ‘+’ buttons instead and sub-stacks. ZipBar and ZipList are prime examples of this.

I’ve not been panicked into making this change. I just feel it’s in a users best interests to have access to updated addons within a broad timeframe. Then when switch-off day finally does arrive, the impacts are minimised.

Cheers Will.

Hopefully there’s some time to find a replacement. :sunglasses:

@robbeattie – I announced the depreciation of repeat on the developer channel in early 2015 with the idea being of giving 12 months from the release date of Stacks 3 (Sept. 2015). So it’s been about 15 months so far.

Repeats will be gone for good in Stacks 3.5 (I usually put the large API changes in the x.5 release – or some other major free upgrade to ensure everyone gets it).

I think it’s safe to say there will have been at least a year and a half between announcement and removal. That seems like plenty.

To put in perspective I received a deprivation notice from Facebook last week about a change that’s coming in their API. They gave me 30 days. :stuck_out_tongue:


No it’s absolutely enough notice (;-)) but it isn’t until today that I realised this particular change would affect a couple of my sites, because well… there’s a distance between the stuff that affects developers and the stuff that affects me. Now I know I can take steps.

This is also presumably true for any other stack that allows you to add or remove elements (for example slides in a slideshow) by clicking and up/down arrow in Stacks settings?



@robbeattie “any other stack that allows you to add or remove elements”

Maybe that was true a year ago.

But many stacks had big upgrades after Stacks 3 came out – and moved then. There are still a few stragglers, but they’re a small minority now.

Onward and upward. :slight_smile: