Table without Line?

Hello everybody, sorry, I am a new one here and a new one by RW-8.
Thats why I must Ask probably some simple ?
My System : Os X 10.15.7. and I am by “Foundry”, Stacks by RW8 (Themmes"Engineers").
Please, how can I make a little Table , cca 8-10 Line with 4-5 Columm within dark Banner ?
However I Can’t find it !
Please Help . Thanks !!!

Hi - firstly, If you are using Foundry you need to use the blank Foundry theme and NOT anything else. If you want to use a pre-designed theme like Engineer, do not use Foundry with it.

To make a simple table without lines, you could possibly use a column stack. Put text stacks inside the columns and go from there. However, if you have unequal content this will not work well as the rows will not align properly.

There are some specific ‘table’ stacks you can buy. I would recommend Stacks4Stacks Table Builder as Will is great developer and you can download a trial version:- TableBuilder | Stacks4Stacks I don’t know about taking the lines out in this table but I imagine it is possible. If not just make them the same colour as the background

Thank you very much, manofdogz .
I want by a new Stacks : s4s but after I don’t know how I take Install.
Sorry. Thanks for your Help !!!

download the stack and double click on the stack icon in the downloaded folder. You will need to restart RW to see the stack in the the stack library.

Did you try the Table stack included with Foundry?

Hi manofdogz
really thanks, have you Patience with me .
I take download DEMO- version S4S , install , done, ok. But I don’t have a new S4S Stacks
in Stacks Library. I don’t know why . Have you any Idee ?

Another simple way to create tables in RapidWeaver is using the Markdown Stack that comes with the Stacks plugin (in earlier versions RapidWeaver had a simple TableMaker-feature – but, as far as I remember, it never came out of beta).

Markdown syntax for tables is pretty simple, and tables are very easy to maintain.

Code (in the Markdown Stack) would look something like this (doesn’t look pretty in edit, but doesn’t need to – it will preview and publish just fine):

| Col1       | Col2   | Col3             | Col4       |
| ---------- | -------|------------------|----------- |
| 123        | 456    | 789              | 101112     |
| Test A     | Text   | Text             | Text       |
| Text B     | Text   | Text  text       | Text       |
| Text C     | Text   | Text             | Text       |

And then a little bit of css to style the Stack:

table, th, td {
padding: 3px 12px;
font-size: 14px;


First off did you restart RapidWeaver? Sometimes new stacks don’t show up until after a restart.

Also l never double-click to install addons in RW. Last couple of releases of RW the double-click has been very inconsistent in installing the addons. I suggest you right-click on the addon and select “open with>RapidWeaver8” or drag the addon onto the running RapidWeaver icon on the dock.


Did you close and restart RapidWeaver?

I heard about this double click issue but never experienced it myself. Do you think it is a generic RW issue or more to do with some Stack developers?

I think it’s more a macOS issue. The OS determines what should happen when you double-click based on the file extension.

In this case, a RapidWeaver addon has an extension like .stack or .rapidweaverplugin or .rwtheme. RapidWeaver registers these extensions with macOS to “open” rapidweaver when they are double-clicked.

Seems the double click will sometimes open the wrong version of RW (like RW7 or RW6). This will cause the addon to be installed in the wrong place.

I haven’t had it happen to me, but It seems to happen quite often for others.

Hello manofdogs, Hello everybody.
After I try everything , its now ok, its work with S4S-TableBuilder Stacks !
Thank you very much for Your Help !!!

But now I want make Musik. I don’t know how, I must a little bit learn,
and I thing get in touch later :blush:
Thanks .

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