Take a website offline

(Ben Valkhoff) #1


Is there a quick & easy way to take a website temporarily offline? And when I mean offline, I don’t mean just the homepage, but also all the other pages.

Thanks in advance.


(Jochen Abitz) #2

Renaming the folder on the webspace with a ftp client is one way.

(Ben Valkhoff) #3

Excellent idea. But how can I still maintain a home page with a text explaining why it is off line?

And furthermore: are there options from within RW itself?

(Jochen Abitz) #4

If you want a a maintain page, i would upload the maintain page in an extra folder on the webspace and point the domain to this folder instead. Ok, you can not make this within RW.

(scott williams) #5

Check your host control panel, a lot of them have an option to do this.

(Ben Valkhoff) #6

Thanks for the expert advice to you both.