One of my pages became an Offsite Resource and is no longer editable in RW

Hi all… I’ll start by saying that this is probably my fault, though I have no idea how or why. After a bit of searching, I’ve come up empty, so I’m reaching out to the pros here.

I have a large website and was updating it today. I noticed my “Aerial Video” page will not go into “edit” mode. The rest of the site pages go into edit mode no problem. After a bit of research, I realized that the inspector for that page has no info other than a note about it being offsite.

The question is… how did I accidentally make this an offsite page, and how do I get it back so I can edit it again?

Addendum: I can see that the RW files for this page exist inside the RW project file, and were updated today as well. Also, when I changed the shared footer in my site (to update the copyright to 2022), the errant page showed the same blue dot indicating that it needed to be republished, and it did update when I published the rest of the site. But still in the RW app, that page only shows as “offsite” and it won’t let me edit it.

Well, do you have a backup?

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Hi Jannis,

Yes, I have a backup. But I’m hoping there is another answer which is specific to the problem. If I don’t learn what happened, it could happen again.

There shouldn’t be anything that changes the type of page used. In fact if you want to change a page say from a styled text to a stacks page, you delete the existing styled text page and add a stacks page pointing to the same folder.

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